Horror Movie Reviews – Vacancy And More

Reviews of some horror movies I’ve watched.


A couple checking into a run-down motel learn that they’re being filmed and are about to become the next victims of an snuff movie. A claustrophobic, no gore, cat and mouse chase starts. A couple of scenes had me for the edge of my seat. Pretty intense movie, but with an abrupt ending. Grade: 3 out of 5


Mediocre Asian ghost horror about a music teacher with a past that comes back to haunt her. The movie is beautiful, and also slow paced. More drama than horror. The ending had me scratching my head. Grade: 2 away from 5

Hostel: Part II

American college girls studying in Europe are tricked into traversing to a hostel using a very dark secret. Expect hot girls, violence, and some very disturbing, gruesome scenes. I liked this movie greater than I thought I would, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Grade: 3 beyond 5

One Missed Call: Final

The third movie in the Asian teen horror series that is certainly quite okay. The teens get phone messages from themselves inside the future – which has a clue of how they’re going to die. Their only possibility of surviving is always to forward what it’s all about to another individual. It’s an entertaining movie if you don’t expect any logic, and they are ready to suspend your belief a great deal. Grade: 3 beyond 5


Decent British survival horror. Teen criminals are shipped on hawaiian isle where they get got rid of, one by one, by an unseen killer. Some genuine suspense even though the identity with the killer is revealed early. Get ready for nasty traps, plenty of gore, and crazy dogs. Grade: 3 from 5

The Haunted Apartments

Asian ghost horror when a girl and her alcoholic father move into a cursed apartment building – where people die gruesome deaths. The story is often a mess, there is however a surprise reveal nearby the end I didn’t see coming. โดจิน of scenes are actually scary, but there is annoying overacting by some from the minor characters that almost drove me crazy. Grade: 2 out of 5

The Hills Have Eyes II

Wes Craven with his fantastic son wrote this 2007 version where some soldiers over a rescue mission inside New Mexico desert are attacked by mutant cannibals. I did such as the remake of the original “The Hills Have Eyes” – but this sequel is simply not good. There’s no real suspense, and now we don’t love the characters. But expect some violent action and fights in dark tunnels. Grade: 2 out of 5